At Womensphere, we are incubating women entrepreneurs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and in social innovation. We believe in enabling and fueling the success of women entrepreneurs – especially those who are dedicated to changing the world and creating a better future for all.


The Womensphere Venture Incubator Program offers weekly live and online educational sessions throughout the year, designed to enhance the “fitness” and entrepreneurial leadership of women entrepreneurs and social innovators.

We kicked off the Womensphere Venture Incubator Program in New York City in February this year during the Womensphere Summit on Invention, Innovation & Exploration's Venture Incubator Day, sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Science of New York University.

Womensphere provides educational sessions, boot camps, and online seminars to enable and fuel the “entrepreneurial leadership fitness” of the women entrepreneurs and social innovators in our community.  We also provide group sessions that cultivate the habit of reflection and foster a community of support for our entrepreneurs. These sessions enable personal preparation, help build solid strategy and business foundations, and facilitate understanding the language and mechanics of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Much like the rationale for going to the gym to enhance our physical fitness, we believe women can enhance our “entrepreneurial leadership fitness.”


The Womensphere Venture Incubator Program is specifically focused on women entrepreneurs and social innovators whose startups or startup ideas are:
in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), or in social innovation (designed to have positive social impact or environmental impact).


The Womensphere Venture Incubator's live programs are based in New York City, and hosted across multiple venues.  We also offer online seminars exclusively for Members of he Womensphere community to connect Member entrepreneurs and social innovators around the world.


Student Members of Womensphere get automatic full scholarship to join the Womensphere Venture Incubator Program. We offer full scholarships to the Womensphere Venture Incubator Program and its events  to Womensphere Network Members who are Graduate and Undergraduate Students at the time of their taking part in the Program, and who then can participate in the program for free.

We also select a number of social innovators each year who are starting or leading outstanding non-profit organizations and social enterprises, to take part in the Womensphere Venture Incubator Network.  Scholarship is either via a competitive selection process, or offered through an institutional/academic partnership.


The Womensphere Venture Incubator is a service we offer exclusively to the Members of the Womensphere community. There is a fee for Non-Student Members of Womensphere (e.g. Professionals, Managers) to participate in the Womensphere Venture Incubator We offer a $100 discount to  professional/entrepreneurial Members of the Womensphere Global Network to join the Venture Incubator Program and increase their entrepreneurial fitness. The service is free for Student Members.


To register for the Womensphere Venture Incubator Program, we invite all Members to inform us of commitment to joining the Program.


To avail of discounted Program Fees, and take advantage of other benefits (like free events, discounts to Summits, and exclusive invitation to partner events), please join the Womensphere Global Network here: www.womensphereglobalnetwork.org.