Womensphere is currently actively seeking to build and grow four types of strategic partnerships. 

1. Corporate Strategic Partnerships with leading corporations around specific project areas of the Foundation.

2. Academic Partnerships with a select group of leading academic institutions.

3. Network & Community Partnerships with leading global and local women's networks.

4. Community Partnerships with leading global and local NGOs and non-profit organizations.


Womensphere is currently inviting Strategic Partners for our 2016 summits and global initiatives:

Our partnership opportunities are typically with leading companies, brands, academic institutions, women-focused networks, field-specific networks, industry associations, and NGOs, that operate in the areas of: 

  • Business and Finance
  • Technology, Science, Medicine, Mathematics, Invention, Innovation, Exploration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
  • Education and Academia
  • Government, Law and Policy
  • Sustainability and Development
  • Media, Culture and the Arts
  • Advancement of Women and Girls
  • Champions of Women's Advancement
  • Mentorship and Sponsorship
  • Transformational Corporate Leadership

Contact us if you are interested in Strategic Partnership with Womensphere.

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