At Womensphere, we believe that society and our world will evolve towards a better future if we unleash women's potential - as leaders, as innovators, as entrepreneurs, as creators, as people. 

This view underlies our origin, birth, and growth over the years. We are not alone in this view.  International organizations from the United Nations to the World Bank and the World Economic Forum, have built consensus around the pivotal and catalytic role played by empowering women and girls in the political, social, and economic transformation of nations and communities. 

However, while women comprise half the world's population, there is a measurable, persistent, and pervasive lack of parity in investment and equity experienced by women and girls all over the world, across important dimensions such as economic power, economic participation, and wage parity; leadership of businesses, of complex organizations, and of corporate boards; political power and leadership in political office; funding for entrepreneurship and innovation; and advancement in science and technology.

This yawning divide is highly visible from the top:  Despite being half of the world's population, women occupy very few of the top positions among the largest corporations in the world, and among nation-states. Most CEOs of the Fortune 1,000 are men, as are most of the Presidents and Prime Ministers across all the countries of the world.

As we dig deeper across many segments, the same pattern emerges: a persistent and measurable lack of parity exists across most aspects of society, across all countries around the world - an imbalance that holds back women from achieving full potential.

Thus, Womensphere was founded with the purpose of unleashing women's potential, and advancing the evolution of women as leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators all over the world.  Our global social enterprise and leadership community builds ventures and collaborations dedicated to this purpose.

We invite you to join us in partnership towards achieving this purpose.