Womensphere is a global leadership community platform and social enterprise dedicated to unleashing the potential of women and girls, inspiring transformational leadership and innovation, and mobilizing systemic interventions and individual initiatives to create a better future for the world. 

We convene leaders, innovators, companies, organizations, networks, and academic institutions around this shared purpose. We build ventures and collaborations dedicated to advancing women's evolution as leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators in our global society.

These are the principles and philosophy underlying the work that we do:

We believe that we create the reality that we experience - and therefore, we have the power to create a better future for women and for the world. We take a very proactive position in mobilizing people, resources, and technology to shape outcomes towards advancing women’s evolution as leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators, and towards enabling women to achieving and fulfilling potential.

We believe that positive global transformation starts with the self. We must become the change that we seek. We believe that the seeds of change and solutions to the problems that beset humanity rest within us.

We believe that unlocking women’s full potential is necessary to advancing the evolution of our global society. We believe in the critical, catalytic role that women play in transforming the world. At Womensphere, we actively invest in unlocking women’s full potential and enabling women to succeed – as leaders of personal lives, of careers and organizations, of communities, and of the world.

We believe in the power of diversity to fuel innovation and creative solutions. The sphere would not exist without the circles that comprise it, and a circle on its own cannot create a sphere. We believe that in order to truly unleash potential in oneself and others, to inspire positive transformation, to solve problems, and to create positive impact in the world – the great ideas and great leaders of our time will come from a diversity of disciplines, industries, nationalities, cultures, affiliations, generations, and backgrounds.  We believe that the power of unity and collaboration of many different circles, will result in ultimately greater outcomes for women and for humanity.

We believe in the power of community to build and nurture positive change.  Innovation has made this an era when individual power is at its greatest – any one person can have a voice, inspire change, and affect outcomes. We believe that success and positive change endures when a community is behind it.  Thus, we believe in building, nurturing, and inspiring collaboration among a community of leaders – bringing together women and men, emerging leaders, academic institutions, networks, companies, governments, and many institutions that share our mission and purpose.

We believe that it is our individual and collective responsibility and purpose to create better realities for ourselves, for the people we care about, and for humanity – in the present and in the future.

Our work at Womensphere is an expression of these principles and philosophy.