The Womensphere Global  Codefest brings together women in computer science around the world, in a week-long virtual coding festival and competition, mobilizing women’s computing power to code for social good.   This will be the world’s largest women’s coding festival.  

Through continuous online education on coding excellence, and week-long global coding competitions and celebrations in September and January, the Womensphere Global Codefest brings together thousands of women in computer science programs in graduate and undergraduate academic institutions worldwide.  Female students at both graduate and undergraduate level will compete and code applications that provide solutions to great challenges faced by society, addressing issues at global, regional, and local levels.


The Womensphere Global CodeFest aims to:
Empower women to use computing to solve issues locally and globally.
Celebrate and mobilize women’s computing power and innovation to solve issues around the world.
Inspire innovation, continued learning, and coding excellence among emerging women in computer science globally.
Feature groundbreaking work by emerging women computer scientists.


We invite women currently enrolled in graduate or undergraduate programs  around the world – whether in computer science, engineering, or in other fields – to join this global celebration and competition.   All participants must be certified by the academic institution where they are currently enrolled. Participants must compete in teams, with a minimum size of two, and a maximum size of five.  Each team must represent an academic institution, so teammates have to come from the same academic institution.  We will publish all the rules when we launch on June 15, 2015.


We invite Corporate Partners and Academic Partners to provide Corporate Mentors and Academic Mentors as part of our partnership. Mentors will share best practices with participants live or online. Mentors are invited to on-site live workshops and local university-based events before and during the Womensphere Global CodeFest.


The Womensphere Global  Codefest is a global and virtual competition, which we are publicly kicking off at the Womensphere Summits in August and September.  During the week-long festival, Womensphere will host receptions celebrating participants across major cities including New York, Boston, San Francisco, as well as internationally.


Starting June 16, 2015, Womensphere will host a series of online talks and dialogues for all participants - from best practices in computing,  to Q&A with technology leaders and global leaders.  The online series is designed to be empowering, educational, and useful to participants, as they prepare for the global competition in September.


Participation in the Womensphere Global CodeFest is FREE for all Registered Members of Womensphere.   Membership in Womensphere is year-long. 

Students who are not yet members of Womensphere must register on Eventbrite (link will open June 1, 2015).  The Registration Fee for the Global CodeFest is equivalent to the Membership Fee for Womensphere, and comes with year-long Membership in the Womensphere Global Network. Members can take advantage of other benefits like participation in the Online Summer Program, free events (both live and online), discounts to Womensphere Summits, and exclusive invitation to partner events.


For more information on the Womensphere Global Network and benefits of Membership, please view: www.womensphereglobalnetwork.org.

Thank you for your interest in the Womensphere Global CodeFest. Should you have any questions, please use the Contact Us page to reach us.