Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Since our founding 10 years ago, Womensphere has invested in developing the next generation of women leaders and innovators. Over the next 10 years, we are further investing in developing the next generation of leaders, innovators, executives, and creators – both women and men – who share our commitment to equality, sustainability, and to building and creating equitable and sustainable workplaces and societies.

The Womensphere Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program is a specially designed unique 9-month pre-executive continuing leadership development program (October 2018 to June 2019), cultivating next generation leaders and executives through 7 pillars:

  • Unique convenings and educational programming in leadership, management, innovation, corporate citizenship, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, teamwork, and collaborations.

  • Biweekly mentoring offered by exceptional Womensphere GEMs (Global Expert Mentors)

  • Connections and networking with global leaders, and like-minded peers and emerging leaders across other companies, organizations, and academic institutions

  • Leadership in Action & Impact - offering opportunities to demonstrate leadership in action and create measurable impact through activities and projects within one’s company or organization, or externally with Womensphere or partner organizations.

  • Public Speaking, Communications & Ambassadorship – offering opportunities to Fellows to hone public speaking, communications, and ambassadorship skills, including presence and coverage in media and social media.

  • Mentoring & Coaching – offering opportunities to Fellows to be a Mentor/Coach at events/programs for women in colleges/universities and girls in high school –  in leadership, innovation, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, collaborations.

  • Community for Life – offering continuous connection with a supportive community of global leaders and peer emerging leaders throughout the Fellowship and as Alumni Fellows


•You can sign up to be an Emerging Leader Fellow, or you can be nominated and signed up for by your company, organization, or academic institution.

•To join the Inaugural Class of Womensphere Emerging Leader Fellows, you are required to join the upcoming Womensphere Emerging Leaders Summit on October 26-27, 2018, convening emerging leaders across companies, fields, and academic institutions, including Fellows nominated by their institutions.

•Additionally, if you would like to serve on the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Advisory Council for New York & the Northeast, and collaborate with peers across companies and academic institutions, you must also join the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Forum on Saturday, October 6th.

•As part of our Fellowship program, all registered Emerging Leader Fellows will get to participate in all US-based Womensphere Emerging Leaders Summits between October 2018 and June 2019 without additional cost. These include:

•Womensphere Emerging Leaders Forum (October 6 – optional)

•Womensphere Emerging Leaders Summit (October 26-27)

Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit (March 29-30, 2019)


•We are inviting the nomination and self-nomination of (pre-executive) women to participate in the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Fellowship. There are several categories of Fellows, and we will offer unique programs for each group:

•Emerging Leader Fellows in Business & Finance (Pre-Executive, Corporate)

•Emerging Leader Fellows in Academia & Education

•Emerging Leader Fellows in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & design, mathematics)

•Emerging Leader Fellows in Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship

•Emerging Leader Fellows in Government & NGOs

•Emerging Leader Student Fellows (currently enrolled in universities)

•This Fellowship is open to all genders. We are also inviting the participation of men and non-binary people who want to have more learning, growth, and collaborations in leadership development, equality, innovation, and sustainability, together and in partnership with emerging women leaders and innovators.