WOMENSPHERE IMPACT AREA: 4th industrial revolution

Womensphere empowers women and girls to boldly envision, create brighter futures, and transform our world, through innovative initiatives, impact-driven collaborations, and inspiring communities. We collaborate with leaders and institutions to empower women and girls, and enable gender equality. 

At Womensphere, we invest in initiatives and develop programs that empower and advance women and girls in architecting and leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Womensphere initiatives for this impact area include:

  • Womensphere summits, forums and events
  • New Champions WIN (Womensphere Incubator Network)
  • New Champions WIN Global Mentoring & Leadership Academy
  • Womensphere Innovation Lab
  • Womensphere Global Awards & Emerging Leader Awards


From over 50 conferences, forums and events, we share some of the videos from thought leaders, global leaders, innovators, and change-makers in this impact area: